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  • During holiday breaks, students should focus on building their profiles in order to project themselves as strong candidates to get admission in a U.S. university of their choice.

  • U.S. universities are witnessing growing interest in public health degrees, which prepare students for diverse professional and research careers. 

  • A degree in health communication prepares students for careers in diverse sectors, helps them drive positive social change and counter misinformation.

  • Epidemiology degree programs prepare students for careers pursuing vital research in diverse fields ranging from public health to artificial intelligence programs.

  • Fraternities and sororities at U.S. universities provide students with lifelong friendships, networking opportunities as well as training on useful topics.

  • Using virtual education, Indian students can update skills and even earn degrees from American institutions, without even leaving their country.

  • International students will have to navigate new territory in a world defined by public health concerns, social distancing and disruptions.