• What started as an e-mail inviting people to join an “inexplicable mob” has turned into a global fad that continues to spread.

  • A vegan mini-mall sprouts Portland, Oregon, offers some unexpected vegan products and services.

  • Kitchen gardens are being rediscovered by a new generation of Americans who worry about what is in their vegetables and how much fuel was consumed to grow and transport them.

  • “Let’s try Indian food for dinner!” You’ll hear these words more often now from average Americans.

  • The array of choices, the coping strategies of mixed couples is exciting and a bit hilarious.

  • Most fairs feature competitions with prizes awarded for accomplishments such as nurturing a healthy calf or raising a sheep with thick wool, baking the best pie or stitching the most intricate embroidery.

  • More than 100 costumes from some of India’s former princely states are being showcased at an exhibition, “Costumes of India,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

  • When Levi Strauss sold a pair of rugged pants made of canvas to a miner for six dollars in gold dust in the 1850’s, he never imagined that he was starting a trend that would, a century later, take the fashion world by storm.

  • In his 12-year stay in India, Joseph Allen Stein has designed buildings for a variety of purposes—schools, art centers, low-cost houses and factories. Essentially modern in character, his works reflect the changing mood in Indian architecture today.