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  • Silicon Valley and other geographic clusters of innovation emerge for practical reasons. 

  • U.S. universities cut greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Cancer and asthma won with big C leading the race.This isn’t about dreaded diseases taking over the world but about projects of young researchers, Shree Bose Naomi Shah for the Google Global Science Fair.

  • Parag Chordia is finding ways to bring together two disparate realities—music and learning math and science.


  • The third annual Women in Science workshop in New Delhi aimed at inspiring girls to challenge stereotypes.

  • California-based Marvell Technology Group makes small chips that can trick electronic gadgets into using significantly less energy by taking better advantage of the electric current.

  • A new energy-harvesting technology that promises to dramatically reduce our dependence on batteries and instead capture the energy of human motion to power portable electronics.

  • A composite of inedible agricultural waste and mushroom roots, its manufacture requires just one-tenth the carbon dioxide of traditional foam packing material.

  • American and Indian students create a device that would keep high-risk babies warm, yet cost less than 1 percent of a traditional incubator’s $20,000 price tag.

  • From activism to art, social entrepreneurs are making waves using online resources. A look at the tools, initiatives and projects that are currently being used.

  • Virtual assistants provide a wide range of services including but not limited to bookkeeping, travel arrangements, calendar management and Web design.

  • That may not be a bad thing. Cloud computing is a growing field with exciting opportunities. But do keep your feet on the ground.

  • An evolving career that goes by different names—from user interface design to Web design—UX design focuses on improving customers’ experiences with products.

  • Mobile apps offer customers the latest and smartest ways to connect to news, entertainment, work, education, shopping, socializing and more.