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  • Greenway Grameen Infra provides rural Indians groundbreaking solutions for clean cooking.

  • Fulbrighter Ganesh Balasubramanian’s SkillTrain provides technology-enabled vocational training on various skills to rural school dropouts and urban youth.

  • Ethereal Machines, a Bengaluru-based start-up, has created a compact and affordable 5D printer that combines additive and subtractive manufacturing. 

  • Online learning companies like Coursera are helping increase access to university education for India’s growing student population. 

  • Gladys West recorded satellite locations and performed complex mathematical calculations that led to a precise system of pinpointing geographical positions.

  • Companies like Bihar-based Husk Power Systems are shifting base to Fort Collins for its access to world-class talent, capital and a network linking companies to cutting-edge energy research and development.

  • Harini Suresh, a Ph.D. student at MIT CSAIL, studies how to make machine learning algorithms more understandable and less biased.

  • What are the biases that shape people’s judgments and decisions about use of energy and water? Shahzeen Z. Attari of Indiana University explores this topic in her research.

  • Sampriti Bhattacharyya has developed underwater drones that could help in rescue missions and explorations, as well as prevent radiation leakage under the sea.

  • Fulbright-Nehru scholar Amit Tandon works to improve monsoon forecasts for South Asia.

  • Inventor and MIT Media Lab professor Ramesh Raskar talks about how his high-tech inventions and initiatives can help solve real-world problems.

  • Saket Navlakha studies the unique parallels between biology and computer science.

  • The Tata Center at MIT is building a high-efficiency, affordable electric motor that could have a huge impact in India, home to as many as half a billion ceiling fans.


  • Saurabh Ladha’s start-up Doxel uses robotics, drones and artificial intelligence to monitor construction sites to help managers keep projects on time and on budget.