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  • Millennium Alliance awardee Akshara Foundation works to inculcate positive reading habits in school children in Karnataka.


  • The innovative Bhungroo irrigation system, developed by Fulbright Scholar Trupti Jain’s social enterprise, helps farmers prosper in the face of climate change.

  • Odisha-based Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre works to empower women with disabilities through capacity building training, supported by funding from USAID.


  • AIRSWEEE participant Kshama Hastak’s Sarthak Foundation provides free-of-cost education to children from economically disadvantaged sections of society.

  • Simi Mehta, a Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Fellow and CEO of Nexus Incubator-trained IMPRI, talks about her think tank and its work on the management of homeless shelters in New Delhi.

  • IVLP alumnus Mathew Jose’s multifaceted waste management enterprise Paperman moves India toward greater sustainability.

  • Fulbright-Nehru Fellow Gita Surie is researching how to bring renewable energy to rural India through social entrepreneurship.

  • The women’s suffrage movement is part of the overall women’s rights movement in the United States. 


  • Author and professor Jigna Desai works to transform people’s thinking about power dynamics in the South Asian diaspora. 

  • Lakshmi Pratury was the co-host of the first TEDIndia talk and is the founder of the INK Conference, a platform for game changers to share their stories and ideas.

  • The S M Sehgal Foundation focuses on community-led initiatives to achieve social, economic and environmental development in rural India. 

  • Hyderabad-based Waterlife India is providing safe water sustainably and at an affordable price to millions of people in rural India. 

  • With Defendables, entrepreneur Kristi Gorinas is making self-protection discreet and easy for women.

  • Seema Chaturvedi of Project AIRSWEEE helps young women entrepreneurs in India achieve success.