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  • The University of Chicago Ci3’s Kissa Kahani uses multimedia approaches to share stories related to gender experiences of Lucknow youth, and affect social change.

  • Megha Vora is the co-founder of India’s first private self-defense gym which offers free classes for women and girls.

  • Although the field of journalism has diversified to include more women, they still remain underrepresented and often face gender-based discrimination.

  • Shalini Shankar seeks to include what’s missing from the demographic definitions of generations: immigrant and minority perspectives.

  • Censuses reveal which surnames are proliferating and which are waning in the United States, and what these changes imply.

  • Dr. Jennifer Newberry leads a collaboration between Stanford University and its partners in India to conduct a preliminary impact analysis of Gujarat’s helpline for women, 181 Abhayam.

  • Yuwa, a California-based nonprofit organization, is using girls’ team sports as a platform for social development in Jharkhand. 

  • Pooja Nagpal teaches self-defense to girls in India and the United States.

  • An Indian think tank—Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace—places women at the heart of the discourse and decision-making processes on security and conflict.

  • The Bell Bajao! campaign calls on boys and men to combat domestic violence against women.

  • Ayesha Khanna’s initiative, the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, supports start-ups with social missions and citizen action. 

  • The Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University is educating and encouraging women to participate in the political process. 

  • Sunitha Krishnan pulls women and children out of sex trade and gives them a new lease of life.

  • Vandana Gopikumar and her organization, The Banyan, help those dealing with homelessness, mental illness and poverty.