Caption Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the caption contest, in alphabetical order:

Aditi Gaur from New Delhi

Ashok Kumar from Thane, Maharashtra

Dr. Kanhaiya Tripathi from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

Lekshmanan T S from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Mohammad Aslam from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

RK Vijay Byrsat from Shillong, Meghalaya


Participants must write an original caption of 150 words or less for the photograph of President Barack Obama, in the text box below the photo.


You can write the caption in English, Hindi or Urdu. Entries must be submitted on the SPAN website. Please do not send entries by email or post.


The contest ends on February 22, 2015.


The six best captions will win goodie bags. 


The contest is open to all Indian citizens residing in India. Employees of the U.S. government and their families are not eligible for participation.


Entries will be published on the SPAN website after approval by the moderator. Contest entries will be moderated during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on working days. Entries submitted after business hours, on weekends or holidays will be moderated on the next working day.


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Contest Entries


Let The Whole World Watch, While We Plant Trees. President Barack Obama Signifying The Positive Direction Indo-US Relations Are Headed Towards By Planting a Pipal Tree During His Recent Visit to India. As Well, Good To See The Most Powerful Person Doing The Most Important Thing We Need To Do Today and Forever, Plant Some More.

Submitted by Nakul Sharma


"Planting the Root of an Everlasting Relationship for Times Unlimited!"

Submitted by Moitrayee Basu


"Let the india-us relationship grows stronger, taller and denser like the growth of a plant

Let all of us join for this noble cause and  this plant plants good feelings in us.

President Obama soil well being in us."

Submitted by Gajala Yasmeen

















Submitted by Praveen Kumar  L


"Who can hold my hands like this tree which will give a shade and health to everyone who will come across it?

The Tree has a natural power to protect the environment and I have also a natural power by which i can change the history of world.....I HAVE AN IDEA but I don't have support."

Submitted by Arifa Jan


#President Obama planting "Money" plant....a plant which would be beneficial economically as well as environmentally....!!

Submitted by Umang P Gangar


That looks like a peepal tree. May be able to get some enlightenment if I come and sit under it some time in the future!!

Submitted by Balchand Parayath


Growth of world has been seeded in India by world Super Powers; INDIA & UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. A definite and strong bond will be elicited by this wonderful association bringing prosperity & a New ERA...

Submitted by Amit Murli Patel


Planting the Seeds of Friendship

Submitted by K. Venkatasai


"Planting a peepal plant by the US president Barack Obama in the Indian soil plays a significant role in strengthening the India-US relationship. Amidst the tight security the greening activity is giving freedom to the peepal to grow sky high."

Submitted by Pramila Krishnan


Planting Life on Earth

Submitted by Tej Paul Ahluwalia


"Friendship is a sapling plant whose roots grow far and wide

It binds our hearts together and breaks through all divide.

Over countless months and years as seasons come and go

That spunky little sapling will just continue to grow

The ones who planted it right there may never meet again

But the spirit of their efforts will flourish sun or rain

As countless people visit there, in homage to the great

That little sapling now all grown will to all narrate

With rustling sounds and shining leaves in simple poetry

Humanity's everlasting wish for peace and harmony"

Submitted by Aditi  Gaur


"Indo-US relation will be more promising with growth of the Peepal tree."          

Submitted by Samarendra Nath


Trees being cut down everyday at rapid pace, we must do some thing! Plant a tree, so that next generation can get air for free, that is what doing those big peoples a plant a day keep them flood away, those r inspiration to all.

Submitted by Basavaraj Sadashivappa Mattihalli


The wish full filling tree is always, under whose shade a thousand faiths bloom 

Submitted by Simon Jaicker


Lets ensure stronger roots first

Submitted by  Vinayak Garg


Every good activity must pay in our lifetime.

Submitted by Rajat Pal


Together we plant the sapling of collaboration, unity and camaraderie and nourish it with the water of sustainable development. May the roots of this growing plant reach the deepest of the depths and become one with the soil which stands testimony to the many civilisations and cultures that existed down the years; The rich lives of the people are part of the roots and the plant and in turn the fruits borne by the sapling will carry a part of earlier communities and cultures. Our hands holding on to the sapling bears witness to the spirit of oneness and friendship that symbolise a wholesome and healthy relationship between our countries - India and America.              

Submitted by Susan Deborah Alex


friendship (India and USA) is a plant which must be often watered!

Submitted by Venkatesh Martha


Nurturing growth, friendship and development.

Submitted by Mario Fernandes


Two countries, two cultures, one goal: India and USA may be two different countries but they share the same goal of achieving a prosperous future for their citizens.

Submitted by Naghma Iram


Building green bridges between India and US; Planting hope between Earth and Ozone layer

Submitted by Thangamani Ravichandran


A small Aswathha sapling grows into a huge shelter for lives.India welcomes Obama's Green fingers.

Submitted by Arindam Mitra


"Tomorrow knowledge will take root,

what you hold  so close,

to you today,

bashfully flowering in nubile glory,

throbbing, vivacious  petals of  the heart,

and then fructifying to plant anew,

 in millions of lands,

the earth that he fructified and took root today -

Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh;

(Ficus religiosa) of Sindhu,

Obama’s itinerary to greenery,

Will give,

resplendent shade to the weary,

for many in devotion will tie,

threads of love on full moon day in Jyeshtha,

making each breath wholesome,

coming for more and more each day,

Never to end.

Or Bend."

Submitted by Mamta Dhody Jagdish


The way that I can plant a seed and it turns into a blossom, impart a touch of learning and it gets to be another's, grin at somebody and get a grin consequently, are to me a part of peaceful activities.We have been entitled with the gift of affection, however this gift is similar to a valuable plant. You can't simply acknowledge it and abandon it in the pantry or simply think its going to get on independent from anyone else. You've got to water it continuously. You've got to truly take care of it and support it.Genuine companionship is a plant of moderate development, and must experience and withstand the stuns of misfortune, before it is qualified for the appellation.Liberty, when it starts to flourish proves to be a plant of fast development.         

Submitted by Utkarsh Gogia


Though not in Seed Sowing seasons but we join hands during planting seasons .. For we believe the fruits sure bear sweets and the world dream comes true through us.

Submitted by David Kha


Dawn of new era for India - USA strategic partnership.

Submitted by Kunal Sharma


"bonding relationship by two greatest democracies of world through greenery revolution"

Submited by Sharad Kumar Gupta


we will expand our success in business and relationship evergreen to grow big like this tree       

Submitted Deepak Gurunath

"President Obama is earthly sensitive, a wise steward of our time, talent and treasure. He experiences the benefits of joyfully trading, has gratification in doing something that will last forever.

He intends to discover and enjoy life with investments such as planting a sapling that will bring rich dividends and change our eternal future."

Submitted by Kunal Kanti Shaha


Soon this Ficus religiosa will have magnificent roots and trunks, just like the expected growth of Indo-US relations.Thanks President Obama.

Submitted by Jayanarayan V P


Soon this peepal tree will become symbol of Indo-US friendship.

Submitted by Santosh Kumar Tewari


"We think that development is about our collaboration on industrial, financial, economical and defensive purposes.

But also we collaborate to support the nature, the green life and the human life. We stand for ""green development"" which will be the actual development of our mutual understanding.

I came to green to make the world much greener. Now we promise to hold hands for ""Green World""."

Submitted by Ghouse Basha


Foundation for long-standing Indo-US relations

Submitted by Ashish Agarwala


US President Plants a FRIENDSHIP Tree in Delhi

Submitted by Manda China Suryanarayana


"Obama laying the roots for stronger relations :-) "

Submitted by Shivam Dudhwewala


A tree requires nutrition and water to grow but Mr.Barack Obama and his helpers are giving this plant much more thaNew Delhin that ''love".

Submitted by Zaeem Atif Masoud


"It's Not Only For The Good Of Environment, But Also For The Good Of 'India - United States Of America's Political Environment!"

Submitted by Sairam J


We talk just, grow trees first.

Submitted by Shilpi Sen


Trees are for every human, animal, insect, soil, water, air so please Modi ji every thing including me, you and politics keep aside let’s grow trees first.

Submitted by Riddhiman Pal


Towards a Growing and Green Friendship.

Submitted by Chandan Kr. Goswami


Green and clean:Wonderfully decorated - it is an invitation to cultivate nature but graciously obeys the callings of harsh reality. 

Submitted by Dr. Tinni Dutta


Trees are for every human, animal, insect, soil, water, air so please Modi ji every thing including me, you and politics keep aside let’s grow trees first.

Submitted by Riddhiman Pal


What you sow, so shall you reap. President Obama laying the foundation to a greener America!               

Submitted by Varun Reddy Sevva


Hatsoff to Mr. Obama  If we bring trees everyday SAVE TRESS AND PLANTS TOO. If trees No More You Also No More if you see any they cutting tree stop then THANKS

Submitted by Rishabh Yadav


friend we have reached a stage,were you can follow us.lets us first plant a new sapling,together we can see it grow it as tree,so that coming generation can breathe an air of progressive certainity,together we can make easier smoother world.

Submitted by Ashish K Pathak


whether we are there or not but our love will be cheering up with the leaves of devine PEEPAL...

Submitted by Jagmohan Balodi


Let us plant this tree as a symbol of the new era of friendship between two great nations of the world. May it flourish like the Bo tree under which Gautama the Buddha attained ultimate wisdom.

Submitted by Francis Xavier Neelam


"The Peepal" by the bearer of 'We The People' at the Samadhi of the 'Father of the People'

Submitted by Himanshu Wadia



The tree presents a powerful image of growth, a being that keeps on growing through its life time.

A symbol of the self and a wonderful positive,  healthy example  for the bringing forth  of  the development of psyche and spirit.

In the growth, there is the experience of development of a personality that matures and brings forth a flower, a fruit, proving its fulfillment and gifts to the wider world.

May this planting of the tree be a symbol that speaks  and proclaims that in all forms of life, there is the connection  through energy and humanity needs to live in peace and harmony with the rest of the living beings. "

Submitted by Thomas Chalissery



Submitted by Vipin NP


Same as the plant deepens its roots firmly in the ground,may this universal tree sapling strengthen more the relationship between INDIA & UNITED STATES.Let this INDO-U.S tree live long & provide shelter to all.....!!!! "           

Submitted by Adarsh Hegde


Come, Let's too follow Obama and plant a tree today.

Submitted by Amir Asim


US President Plants a FRIENDSHIP Tree in Delhi

Submitted by Manda China Suryanarayana


natural relation Indo-USA

Submitted by Anurag Pratap Solanki


"“ Let’s Paint the Earth Green “


Respected American  President Barack Obama planted a sapling of Peepal  tree  at Rajghat as a gesture to promote general wellbeing , world peace & pay  respect to Gandhiji’s thoughts . His message for everyone that Every citizen of our world must protect the trees for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born & we must protect the forests for those who can't speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees for save our earth - save our nature -  save our environment , through more & more plantation  . Now every Indian believe that Modi-Obama relationship appears to have given new energy and new purpose to a strategic partnership and the future of the India – America friendship relations are best and the brightest  and both countries uses their resources to the fullest and do their best to curb terrorism to ensure peace and harmony in the world."

Submitted by Janhavi Shukl


"President Barack Obama was great man,he was gandhiji follower and likes india as a nation and he respects indian culture and people.Barack Obama planted a Ficus tree at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi on Sunday, 25 January 2015. The tradition of asking visiting dignitaries to plant a tree is evidence of the importance of trees in Indian culture.Ficus religiosa is also known as the Bo-Tree (from the Sanskrit Bodhi: “wisdom”, “enlightened”), and is considered sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.Tree planting is also globally associated with friendship-a growing tree symbolizes a strong bond of friendship."

Submitted by Sathvik Bagam


A tree planted today would reap fruits for the later generation. So would be the Indo American partnership seeds planted by Obama.

Submitted by Sudarshan Madhavarao Nagendran


This tree that you nurture now is the sapling of understanding . May it grow  deep into the earth of ecological responsibility and high into the sky of Freedom and Hope  . This tree of Love between democracies,if nurtured,will provide wide shady boughs embracing humanity all over the world . The green leaves will enliven the air with the oxygen of Peace on Earth . This tree will grant the fruits of Justice  for all time to come.

Submitted by Megha Consul


The Tree being the source of life, growth, hope, trust and prosperity embracing the lap of mother earth and U.S. President Barack Obama's memorable visit on the occasion of 68th Republic day of India sowed a remarkable example by planting the tree, with its deep roots, strengthening the relation and connecting the hearts with the strong thread of mutual love, helping the two nation to bind in close and unbreakable ties for a better tomorrow.

Submitted by Divya Kumari


"You can’t change the #past :(..

but you can change the #future :)

It’s Upon you what you Want! ^_^"

Submitted by Shashank Kumar


The Tree of New Beginning.

Submitted by Simar Chugh


A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Submitted by Sri Gautham



Submitted by Nandita Sinha Roy



Submitted by Nandita Sinha Roy



Submitted by Nandita Sinha Roy


"With light air and the shadow of peepul

It will through out the oxygen

among the relationship of two countries.”

Submitted by Manas Bakshi


Let us plant a tree, which grows as our relation grows and strengthen with time with time, patience, and mutual trust and respect.

Submitted by Imran Ali


Testimony to the presence of strong 'Green leaves' in India's backyard as she reaps new harvests of Indo-US friendship!!!

Submitted by Dominic Marcel Holt


What is more auspicious way to build a relation then to respect the sentiments of people. When it comes to India Ficus Religiosa or Bo-Tree(which means "wisdom" and "enlightenment") is sacred to various religions and by planting a sapling of this tree President of U.S.A cemented the bond between two countries as rock strong as diamond. As this plant will flourish the relation between two countries will solidify and the moment captured in this picture is  testament of the solid foundation of the upcoming relation between these two countries when two will become one in their ideas and thinking and will make a new history. This present will make a great history for our future to come.

Submitted by Seema Dhayal


"President planted holy tree Pipal at the holy place.

Hub of life wind Oxigen, stability, shelter with grace.

Symbol of peace , great friendship like its long life.

Wish of keep environment of Earth neat and safe."

Submitted by Rishal Poonia


"Only leaves show on top ,but roots grow in the base,

Not the external but the intrinsic that reflects the grace.

From  Obama to the Mahatma

a homage at Rajghat, with respect planted.

The sacred ficus , Peepul or Bodhi he wanted.

The leaves drop and perish to nourish the root,

The message is very simple ,  even though moot.

The leaves will wither and fall to the ground

If autumn has come , the spring will soon be around. "

Submitted by Kavita Gupta


"foreign direct investment starts with this - so how do we share the fruits of labor"

Submitted by Abhijeet Chatterjee


A Little tree protected by big hands like a seed of greatness planted in a land filled with promises...

Submitted by Pragya Chakraborty


Tree Plantation saves our Life.

Submitted by Punit Shukla


Indo-US friendship via Tree Plantation

Submitted by Varan Shukla


Tree like free friendship of US & India for ever.

Submitted by Varika Shukla


Ficus religiosa tree is the symbol of our friendship. Well, like his age.

Submitted by Archana Shukla


US President Barack Obama planting a Peepal tree at the Mahatma Gandhi's memorial Rajghat on January 25, 2016 in New Delhi, India. Pipal tree is symbolic of strength and longevity as is the relation between the two great democracies of the world. also known as Bo tree or tree of wisdom as beside this tree Buddha attained the enlightenment. The emerging partnership between the two nation is bound to lead the world to the path of peace and prosperity as Buddha did

Submitted by Ashutosh Chaturvedi


"Grows with better nurture only!"

Submitted by Mada Hemanta Rao


The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the sweat of Indians and Americans.

Submitted by Hari Krishna Prahlad


Go green for world peace.....

Submitted by Husain Zaheer

" A good deed is never lost; who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love."

Submitted by P V Ramana Rao


Planing a tree to ignite peace & non violence message of Mhatama along with strengthening Gandhian Philosophy between two of world's Largest & Oldest Democracy Gift to the World.

Submitted by Dr Piyush Ranjan Rout


"Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”

Submitted by S. Arun Kumar


Hope this sapling of Indo-US friendship would touch the sky oneday.

Submitted by Amitabha Ray


Barack Obama, during his visit to India on the occasion of its 66th Republic day, as a chief guest ,visits  Rajghat, Delhi—Mausoleum of Mahatma Gandhi  and plants a Ficus sapling. It signifies the importance of trees in Indian culture and conveys an universal  message of promoting an eco-friendly environment ; at the same time it marks the beginning of a new era of an evergreen relationship between U.S.A & India, where the bonding of the two nations will intensify in the coming years as the young sapling gradually glorifies into a majestic tree  with deep roots  , spreading out its arms with foliage as a symbol of harmony,assurance & peace.

Submitted by Runa Rahman


US President Barack Obama planting a Ficus sapling at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial at Raj Ghat in New Delhi as a symbol of growing friendship with India on 25 January 2015.

Submitted by Miss. Johannah Jebaraj


Peepal tree is symbol of long life in one's life and also in relationship of people,friends and nations.Honb'le Barack Obama planted Peepal tree to make INDO-US relationship for long term.Long relationship is necessary to keep friendship of two great nations for development of it's people.Great democratic countries to show path of democracy to rest of the world.

Submitted by Sudeep  Kumar Sahu



Mr.President helping the future generations to breathe without oxygen tank by motivating people around the world to plant trees. "

Submitted by R.Kanmani Shunmuga Sundari

Mr. Obama planting  the sapling of a new friendship which will last as long as the two democracies, India and United States,  cherish their commonalities and water it with trust and vigour,it will soon bear the fruit of mutual happiness and world peace. 

Submitted by Diksha Pandey


"It is not abut that from where are you from,

Its just about how much you love the nature and your

Biggest Home your earth.

Cuz if earth will good so we all will be good throughout life


Submitted by Manan R. Shukla


Plant a tree for the future, they are our best friends. No life can exist without the trees, they are our lungs. Organisms of all kind seek refuge under its canopy for love, protection and hospitality. Trees make great hosts providing us with food, oxygen and medicines. They are great source of wisdom and spirituality too. It is under the Banyan tree that the Buddha attended nirvana. The great Indian philosophy of yore, the Upanishads, as the name suggest were discoursed under its shade.  The trees are epitome of peace, ready to sacrifice. Every part of the tree is useful and we humans misused them for our selfish greed and comfort. It’s time we repay by giving them their rightful place on the Earth, under the Sun. Without the trees the Earth would be a desert, too hot and barren, without water like on the moon for life to flourish.

Submitted by Somik Ranjan Roy


POTUS planting a tree, not a BUSH.

Submitted by Diana Charles


Mr. Obama planting a tree in India shows the love and affection he has for India. He want that the relation between US & India should grow like this tree and it will be mutually beneficial for each other. It shows that both countries has to care for each other and nurture it in order to grow and be strong enough to withstand all the external disturbances.

Submitted by Saurabh Gupta


Good Relationships Are Never Tall Orders.

Submitted by Suneetha Balakrishnan


President Obama sowing the seedling of the beginning of a new chapter in the history of friendship and co-operation between US and India.

Submitted by Sourav Pal




Submitted by Narendra bharti



Submitted by Narendra bharti


Keeping the Gandhian and Martin Luther's legacy alive and passing it on to future by the best possible way .. sapling to live and tell a tale.

Submitted by Jai Shankar Akkinapragada


Life of a person is 100 years but but obama is in that plant it will be obama for india till earth existence

Submitted by Thodati Pavan Kumar


"The Tree of Life


O the tree of life planted in the soul of two nations

In spirit we are as one so let's arise and shine

Humble being rooted in and rising up in heights

May democracies rise and nations live in Love."

Submitted by Dr Vijay Kumar D Velugu


Planting a tree in other nation it recognize and memorialize both nations friendship for ever as the tree grown as big the relationship will increase as the tree grows.

Submitted by P Sreelaxmi Reddy


Whenever plants trees, god will give him rewards to the extent of their fruit.

Submitted by P Sreelatha Reddy


The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

Submitted by P Sreerekha Reddy


He that plants trees, loves others besides himself.

Submitted by P Srinivas Reddy


Imagine If Trees Gave Off WiFi Signals, We would be planting so many trees and we'd probably save the plant too. Trees to bad they only produce Oxygen we breathe.

Submitted by K. Girish Kumar


The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

Submitted by P Aruna Jyothi


A society grows great when old man plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Submitted by P T Venkata Rao


For in the true nature of things, If we rightly to consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of Gold and Silver.

Submitted by S Srinivasa Rao


In Planting Trees if you take Pain, There will be more Oxygen ans Abundant Rain.

Submitted by P Narendra


He plants trees to benefit another generation in foreign soil.

Submitted by P V Sathyavathi


Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul.

Submitted by P Venkata Rao



Mr Obama's coming and planting a tree signals the relations between the world's two finest democracies are all set to bloom and prosper in coming years.May GOD bless USA and INDIA."

Submitted by Prem Gogia


Let's grow together!

Submitted by Lokesh Dhamija


American President Barack Obama planted a sapling of ‘Peepal ka Ped’ or Ficus Religiosa commonly known as Banyan Tree as a gesture to promote general wellbeing and world peace. Though this action might seem trivial at its onset, however, there are good reasons for Obama to choose peepal ka ped over other sapplings to plant at Rajghat after offering respect to Gandhiji’s Samadhi.

Here are three reasons why peepla ka ped plantation is significant to Obama’s India visit:

It helps to purify the environment and promote general wellbeing: The huge peepal ka ped releases oxygen into the environment which helps purification of air and reduces the levels of carbon dioxide. This ensures better health for the masses and fights various diseases that could turn to be fatal due to less intake of clear air and fresh oxygen.

Submitted by Amritpal Singh


U.S. President Barack Obama Teaches the profit of planting trees to the Indians: Plant trees and save the environment.

Submitted by Ramakanta Das


New Beginning:The sapling being planted by Prez Obama on his second historic visit to INDIA is as symbolic as the INDO-USA relations. Both will blossom, grow  and strengthen with times to come!

Submitted by Arun Gogia


Life Implant.

Submitted by Lata Sharma


Building the bridges across the continents through the SPAN of his outstreched hand symbolising agility ability and durability in the relationship of U.S.A and INDIA

Submitted by Jeevan M


Planting a tree in the other nation is symbol of close relations between two nations with cooperation and friendly relations. The friendship will stronger and stronger as the plant will grow.

Submitted by P. PARVATHI



Submitted by Soumitra Biswas


Planting the tree of friendship, brotherhood and hope. Asttha as it is known in India, is a tree which is one of the highest carbon absorbing trees on the earth, President Barack Obama is planting this tree.

Submitted by Ajit Kumar Patowary


"The president holds the tree gently and picks a little soil;

The leaves of Ficus waver to salute with gentle radiant smile;

From Land of Thoreau, Lincoln, Whitman, Martin Luther King;

To land of Mahatma says Obama,  only friendship I do bring;

May roots of our great democracies go deep down in this earth,

Bodhi tree would surely flourish and bless us for its’ sacred worth!"

Submitted by Dr. Nandkumar M. Kamat


IT'S A GREAT EXPECTATIONS OF GENERATION: Indo-US relationship will grown up like this tree,with full of green leaves with so many branches and sub branches,and it gives shade and relief in the hot sunny days (day of difficulties).Each and every new buds brings new expectation  over our relation.Accoring to our concept, this is endless.......

Submitted by subramaniam.s


"When grown it may yield Orange

                                     or Banana

                                     or Apple

                                     or Mango

                                     or Apricot

but surely a symbol of friendship"

Submitted by Arun R


Nothing can be done except planting one by one.

Submitted by Nagaraja.M


What are leaders in democracies if not 'constant gardeners' doing the spade work for others to build on and carry on, holding steady the boat for others to steer after them, hunkering down to deal with the nitty gritties if need be, nurturing and passing on the common vision of a burgeoning, blossoming, multi leafed relationship tree?               

Submitted by Amita Sathe Bambawale


America and India friendship rooted for a strong future. Submitted by Dr Anu






Submitted by Sabeer


Sealing US-India's carbon credit deal?

Submitted by Salam Rajesh Singh


Planting the future relations & "deepest connections" between the United States and India.

Submitted by Archana Phul


Lets hope both of us mark this as our friendship…so that the next generation may enjoy its fruits.

Submitted by Aditya Srivastava


Planting the 'People' Tree of Indo-American friendship, President Obama's gesture aims to strengthen bridges of our partnerships across the oceans.

Submitted by Ravi Kapur


Planting the 'people' tree of Indo-American friendship, President Obama's gesture to strengthen our partnerships across the oceans.

Submitted by Aanchal Kapur


From the peepul to the 'People' of India and America, may the seeds of friendship and partnerships grow each day.

Submitted by Ravi Kapur


During India visit…President Barack Obama planted a Ficus tree at the Samadhi of Gandhi ji in New Delhi on 25 January. Tree planting is also globally associated with friendship—a growing tree symbolizes a strong bond of friendship.

Submitted by J.S. Arora


Planting seeds of permanent friendship with India.

Submitted by Tripti Nath


May the relationship between the U.S. and India soar towards the heavens like the branches of a tall tree.

Submitted by Sidharth Balakrishna


Planting the hope of Friendship And Unity.

Submitted by Alkesh Laxman Yelpale


The sampling planted by President Obama signifies the potential for growth between the world's oldest democracy & the world's largest democracy.

Submitted by Akshaj Goenka


The sapling of Pipul tree

dug the soil of India

by President Obama.



and spreads its branches

to East to Europe.


The TIES of U.S.A and India

Now a sapling of HOPE

but this SAPLING will grow

when times flow.

and spreads its branches

to the East to Europe.

Submitted by Sumana Haldar


It is lovely to see,

President Obama planting a tree.

Tree of friendship, tree of love,

Peace is coming like flying dove.

Long live India-America friendship story,

Friendship of love friendship of glory."

Submitted by Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay


A very significant photograph of the U.S. president Mr. Barack Obama planting a ficus sapling (peepal plant) at Rajghat, New Delhi, the sacred “Samadhi” of the Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi, on the eve of the Republic Day of 2015. To value our old Indian tradition, Mr. President very enthusiastically planting the beautiful sapling making it a memorable evidence and showing the real importance of trees in Indian culture. The picture clearly tells that while the president steadily holds the plant, indicates that he wants the U.S.-India relationship and friendship be more deeper, firm and remain steady as ever like the plant grows into a tall huge tree in the years to come. A truly brilliant photograph to preserve for the future.

Submitted by Ranjan Datta


May the relation between India and USA remain evergreen like this plant and grows stronger like the plant grows into a tree. Plant Name - INDUS.

Submitted by Indranil Nandan


Let this Peepal Tree take the message through the air to spread to the world the need to be the care taker of the nature.

Submitted by Elangovan Rathinasamy


Planting the new relations.

Submitted by S. H. KHAN


Naye Bharat ki nyi adharshila rakhi ja rahi hai.

Submitted by Siraj Anwar


A small sapling; but a deep rooted friendship.

Submitted by Chandra Rajappa


At the end of the day, this is what I will LEAF behind... For America, for the world, for my family.

Submitted by Anil Grover


Its a great pleasure for all of us to see that the president is actually planting the U.S. Friendship in India. It has become a big lip forward towards future long-term relationship between two countries and to uphold the age-old tradition of "Basudhaiv Kutumbakam" i.e the whole World is a Family.

Submitted by Dibakar Chaudhuri


Really appreciate of president who is planting the such tree is not found in America that is name PIPAL.

Submitted by Mohammad Aslam


Sir u r the one how make this world like a one tree. The tree leaves are countrys and the root is you tx for giveine this word string roots. Cheers.

Submitted by Antas


Nurturing a relationship is like growing a garden of trees and having patience to reap the fruits in future. It would also stand the test of time, as the roots gradually spreads deeper & across to provide for a stable anchorage.

Submitted by Chethan Prasad S


Hand of friendship will grow our tree of togetherness.

Submitted by S. P. Naik


Obama plants kindness and love to reap Friendship!!!

Submitted by Beverly Maria Francis


The President 'Obama care' to our Nation...Let's grow our relation (INDIA-U.S.) like this Peepal tree. Let's flourish and cherish the fruits of democracy, secularism and socialism. Let it be the beginning and

Let's peace be upon all over the world.

Submitted by Adv Dipin Roy SL


This wonderful pic symbolises the essence and importance of planting and growing trees for the benefit of our planet Earth and conserving nature in the best possible way. President Obama has lead by example the message of a green and healthy environment to prevent depletion of our natural resources and damage to ozone layer and thereby protecting our earth from further harm. Trees are life and conducive to nature and all living beings and it doesnt take much efforts to plant seeds or trees but the enormous benefits one derives from its growth is commendable. One can never undermine the importance of a green environment in terms of beauty, tourism, livelihood and commerce. Hence a simple act of planting trees should be considered divine and an act of worship to oneself and to the society as a whole. Trees are manifestations of hopes as a tender leaf sprouting from a barren tree in an arid land signifies life, hope and happiness. Grow Trees. It Makes Everyone Happy!

Submitted by Suman Kamath


A 'grown up' tree planted to achieve fruitful results from U.S. President Barack Obama's 'friendly' trip.

Submitted by Deepak Acharya


Planting a new lease of life for a brighter future for the two nations.

Submitted by Snigdha Shahi


Hope for the Unimaginable and impossible! We can do it, rooted in the values we share. Let’s strengthen the bond nurturing the equality of our people. The branches of the majestic tree will blossom forth beautiful flowers.

Submitted by Sr. Amala Valarmathy A


Planting Deep Roots in Earth to Achieve the High Skies of Humanity

The fig tree being planted by the POTUS has following specialties and these specialties can be reflected upon as follows:

1. Known as Wisdom tree or Bo tree (In sanskrit bodhi means wisdom) - reflects grooming wisdom for betterment of society

2. Tall reach, massive trunk and. Always moving leaves (Even when air around is still and no wind is blowing) - reflects always stand tall yet grounded firmly and active for humanity values whatever be the situation around and inspire the around.

3. Tree branches feed into making trunk massive - reflects that what values we add now to our generations, they will in turn give strength to those values.

Submitted by Nikhil Utture


Indispensable Partnership between India and U.S.A.

Submitted by Prodipta Maulik


President Obama plants a sapling, indicating the growth of U.S.-India relations.

Submitted by Pallavi


Planting Good-will.

Submitted by Asish Gopal Mazumder


We The Peepal.

Submitted by Meena Sridharan


The President of U. S. Planted a Seedling At Rastrapati Bhawan (Presidents House) Mr. Obama planted a seedling of Peepal (Ficus religiosa), In Hindu mythology it is one of the most sacred tree, which symbolizes the supreme God (Lord Brahma). And it is because it lives for hundreds of years with majestic shape/canopy, all parts of its have medicinal value also and a boon for our Environment and Biodiversity.

In the photograph, while planting, the representatives of two great old civilizations are sitting under the seedling. I pray that our hearts melt with each other (notice its heart shaped leaves) and got enlightened for the peace, prosperity, and harmony of the World. (According to Buddhist mythology Lord Buddha got enlightened under this tree and they call it Tree of Enlightenment).

Submitted by Dr. Salil Dhawan


MODI - started Clean India and OBAMA - started Green India. Lets Appreciate them and implement in our surroundings. Have a Healthy Life

Submitted by Prakash Babu


Planting a sapling of camaraderie.

Submitted by Devika Batra


Tree of hope.

Submitted by Vinod Machaiah



Submitted by Indira Mahendravada


"The Life of Trees are in Our Hands and Our Life in Theirs. United Nations is joining Hands for a Green Earth so that Global Children could inspire pure Breath."

Submitted by Amit Patel


Prosperous Mother Nature. Prosperous You.

Submitted by Mustafa



Submitted by Rama Krishna Aravapalli



Submitted by A Haritha


Obama and the Tree: Standing firm on the ground, providing protection and growth to all.

Submitted by Ranjan Chaudhuri


President Barack Obama is making Delhi green, green world, green think, green living makes India healthy and wealthy soon because health is everything. Love you President Barack Obama for such a good and healthy deed you did for us.

Submitted by Ripsy Anand


A tree is a symbol of the blessings of Nature. Planting a tree is that blessings come true as reality. President Obama at this auspicious moment has planted not only a tree but also has inaugurated the exchange of ideas and roots of links between the hearts and souls of the greatest two democracies, The Republic of India and The Unites States of America. The souls of our two sages Thoreau at Walden Pond and Tagore at Viswa Bharathi would bless us all.

Submitted by Mathew Kottavathuckal


"POTUS Barack Obama, who considers Gandhi as one of the biggest influences on his life, paid his respects to the Mahatma at New Delhi’s Raj Ghat Memorial

The American President planted a sapling of Peepal tree at the premises to mark the occasion, more popularly known as the wisdom tree. Legend has it that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under a Peepal tree.

During planted a sapling of Peepal tree at the premises, POTUS accompanied by Coal minister Piyush Goyal, US ambassador to India Richard Verma and assistant secretary of state for South and central Asia, Nisha Desai Biswal.

Obama became the fourth US President to plant a sapling at Rajghat after Dwight G Eishenhower in 1959, George W Bush senior in 1984 and Bill Clinton in 2000.

In the visitor’s book at Rajghat, Obama wrote, ""What Dr Martin Luther King Jr said then remains true today - ""the spirit of Gandhi is very much alive in India today. And it remains a great gift to the world. May we always live in this spirit - of love and peace - among all people and nations,"""    

Submitted by Jetaram Dewasi


Barrack Obama has planted a sapling of Peepal tree today,  and hopes to watch the growth in mutual ties between USA and other nations of the world.   Everyone around will strive to do his best for achieving this.

Submitted by Makarand Deshpande


"HE" is meticulous both in boosting the economy and also nature. Submitted by Raghu Mithra


"I plant a sapling, a sapling of friendship and unity.

To mark a new beginning, a treaty.

I've done my job, it's for you to look after, nourish and water.

To respect it, to nurture it, to watch it grow.

It is this plant, though young and weak today.

Which will grow into a tree, only to shade you on a stormy day."

Submitted by Ronak Markas Dshmukh


Planting a Tree; Placating a Relationship.

Submitted by  David Jeyaraj Franklin T



Picture explains his visit to INDIA.He planted it,which represents the INVESTMENTS he made,like a trees SHADOW these investments are goanna bring HAPPINESS to many in FUTURE.

Submitted by Sundeep










Submitted by Rohit Patel


Timely spadework: President Barrack Obama's recent visit turns over a new leaf for Indo-US relations. While signifying a frog leap in US's diplomatic relationship, it clarifies Indian Government's intent to include US as a major player in the resurgence of Indian economy.

Submitted by Prasant Mohanty


lets keep a helping hand to grow our business in IT industry evergreen to stay healthy together always with huge profits.

Submitted by Deepak G


"A stronger bond, between this and that part of the world

With slight wet soil, with a clearer sky above

With less geographical boundaries; with more and more love

What better way to embark upon this new journey, than planting a Peepal

After all, that’s how life started on this planet; that’s how we exist, We the People"

Submitted by Shruti Kapoor


Planting the future !!!

Submitted by Nitesh Gupta


Look!! Here I sow the seed to development.

Submitted by Mrinalini Bhargava


"US President Barack Obama plants a Ficus sapling at Mahatma Gandhi's Samadhi, Rajghat, New Delhi, India, on 25 January 2015. Standing beside POTUS is Piyush Goyal Minister of State for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy in the Government of India. The tradition requesting visiting dignitaries to plant a tree signifies and epitomises the importance of trees in Indian culture.


Ficus religiosa is also known as the Bo-Tree derived from Sanskrit language meaning “awakened"" and is considered pious in Hinduism.


India has already taken afforestation in a big way and inculcated, ingrained in everyone from an earlier age to support the cause of green India. Planting a tree in Indian context is peace, calmness, tranquillity and has religious and spiritual significance as trees are revered and prayed to.

This photo symbolizes close bonding and harmonization of Indo-US relations culminating in a truly strategic partnership in an era of globalization."    

Submitted by Dr Bharti Chhibber



Submitted by Soumitra Biswas


Sapling for a United Green World.

Submitted by Sujay Babruwad


Tree of Friendship and Co-Operation.

Submitted by Krishan Bhanot


May this plant of Peepal become an umbrella to world in providing peace and happiness to whole world irrespective of any creed or caste.

Submitted by S K Khurana


President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama planting a tree at Rajghat in Delhi on January 25, 2015.

Submitted by Rahul Kaul


Evergreen leaders make greenery and lives evergreen.

Submitted by H. Kalpana


Let this plant be 'symbolical of the new life' of our relationship. We commit to nurture, care and strengthen it so it grows better and stronger so we stay connected not just through one branch, but many branches. May our Nations grow as it grows.

Submitted by RK Vijay Byrsat


US President Barak Obama plants a sapling, signifying the beginning of a new relation, a new equation, a new era; India nurtures it...

Submitted by Rahul S Chatterjee


I had the fortune of being in USA on both the occasions when Mr.Barrak Obama fought the Presidential elections and won them.I closely watched the television debates and could understand very well that he would be the winner.I have reasons to believe that most of the Indians all over the world have a soft feeling for him and relates him as a friend of common man.I am confident,the peepal tree planted by him at Rajghat, New Delhi is a true symbol of long and lasting friendship between these two great democracies.I also believe,he will be remembered as a President who always tried to do something for the under privileged though his circumstances did not allow him to optimize.Further,I am eagerly waiting for the day when Indian elections will be as smooth and as peaceful as US elections.

Submitted by Amitava Chakravarty


"Beauty and Grace, Life and Hope, Joy and Serenity, Courage and Steadfastness, Gentle, all-giving and Selfless, and fun too!..the Tree symbolises all these virtues and more..

But as we plant the Tree, we also guard and protect the fragile sapling from ruthless marauders who'd otherwise destroy it. Thus we nurture it with good soil and manure, and water it as often as needed. Soon the sapling no longer remains a sapling; it grows into an impressive giant,shading one and all, irrespective of caste, or creed, or colour!

Let the indo-american friendship too be allowed to grow in like manner. Let nothing negative take the driver's seat to unsettle this friendship. Let us all, like the Tree, rise beyond our narrow, preconceived notions of negativity and distrust to grow and give cool and refreshing shade and refreshment to peoples of our two nations!

India and America -- Friends Forever!!!" 

Submitted by Phillip Lyngdoh


"Together we plant a seed just like we always did


let our USA-INDIA relations grow stronger as this plant grows longer.

Obama Modi India!"      

Submitted by Karishma Asoodani



Submitted by Rolly Singh


By planting a sapling of Peepal tree President Obama rooted a bond of wisdom between two mighty nations to go deeper and shower fruits of wisdom of oneness to its people.

Submitted by Ganesh Chandra Kundu


Looking forward to grow together and eradicate poverty and terrorism to enjoy the fruits of peace and love.

Submitted by Devikarani Ethirajan


Something that could bear fruits later needs to be held and nurtured well today Mr. President. Also please remember that mere one time planting and then forgetting to water it consistently could be one big waste of energy and time. But then time alone will show how well you take care of this one plant.

Submitted by Rajesh Malhotra


It will grow like our relationship.

Submitted by Asit Kumar Ghosh


Peepal's President: US President Barack Obama plants a Peepal sapling at Rajghat during his visit to India in January 2015.

Submitted by Benita Sen


Sowing the seeds of trust, planting a promise of a brighter future...together!

Submitted by Naresh Karmalker


Planting a Living Symbol Reflecting Growing Relations Between The Two Democracies.

Submitted by Anuj Sinha


Raising an everlasting relationship!!!

Submitted by Vineet Gupta


Synergy set to bloom.

Submitted by Aarti Srivastava


President Ecobonding.

Submitted by Sheba Gracelin


In the hope for a greener future. Submitted by Srijan Roy Choudhury


Submitted by Arindam Sinha


Obama and Modi plant a tree for a Balmy Summer and a Moderate Winter!

Submitted by Ashoka Samuelson


Hello India! I plant and leave here a sapling of our relationship, the roots of which shall multiply and penetrate deep to hold the economies strong!

Submitted by Srinivasa Prasath


Sapling of Unity.

Submitted by Mohit Srivastava


"This Visit of President Obama's has made a history of relations between both countries . This pic is showing President's simplicity Like an ordinary man Planting a Plant . As this tree will grow , Relations and Deals of both countries will grow day by day . I believe that tons of people from around the Era will visit to see this plant. This picture is already a History now :) Thanks"

Submitted by Avnish Aggarwal



"Honorable prime minister Barak Obama puting Boddhi tree , we believe Boddhi tree is compassion or kindness , this photo means is clear , other subject is putting tree means save environment ,,

Thank you

Sorry for my broken English , I just love click picture"

Submitted by Yeshi Rabgyal


Plant a tree & nuture a friendship.

Submitted by Shekar Rajamani


President Obama planting the Tree of Friendship between India and the United States. The Tree of Friendship being planted is already of some height, symbolizing the friendship which these two great nations already enjoy. However, just as this tree still needs to grow tall enough and strong enough to take on any winds or rain it may face, this Friendship between these two nations has a lot of potential to grow in the years to come and then, very much, like this Tree of Friendship, it will then be able to touch the sky and take on any adversity it might face! When provided the right necessary conditions for its growth, symbolizing a greater understanding between the two nations, not only will it gain height and girth, but also produce fruits which will help others.

Submitted by Madhusudan Gupta


As humans, it is our responsibility to keep our planet green and secure. Our planet has given us everything with endless possibilities, it's high time that we give back something.

Submitted by Derin J Tom


"Together we can. Let us join hands to nurture the roots of

democracy and diversity and protect the world from the heat

of animosity and fear .Let us nurture the defining relationship of our great nations in the 21st century."

Submitted by Lekshmanan T S


A Sapling for the Mahatama.

Submitted by Mohammed Ikram


Strengthening the future, planting the Memory.

Submitted by Anwesha Banerjee


U.S.A president Barack Obama sow the relationship with India and the tree symbol of relationship between India and America .It will be staying for long time.

Submitted by Amjad Ali


The great leader on the earth implanting a great saviour of the earth.

Submitted by Aniruddha Bhattacharjee


Planting a new plant with deep roots to strengthen our relations and to spread peace and prosperity globally.

Submitted by Vanshika Shekhar



Air pollution steadily increasing in India from the last two decades. It will be doubled in amount of contaminated air, which leads to cause many diseases in the country. Barack Obama visited the country and announced to assist and take responsibility in mitigating air pollution in India. In the initial step of his visionary, the American President planted a sapling of Peepal tree, more popularly known as the wisdom tree. The Legend has it that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under a Peepal tree. It is remembering us to enlighten our wisdom, encouraging to protect the nature and to the betterment of the people."

Submitted by Kuppusamy Periyasamy


"Together we plant this Tree of friendship,

And lay the foundation for a bright tomorrow.

Together we bury the seeds of mistrust

And look ahead to a new world sans sorrow."

Submitted by Manju Jaidka


Be green, go green and green the earth.

Submitted by Ritu Raj Boro


U S President Barack H Obama in a butterfly sitting pose gives finishing touches to the Indo-US Friendship Sapling at Raj Ghat New Delhi, on 25th January,2015,12.55hrs.

Submitted by Minakshi Banerji


I plant tree of "Friendship" between two extraordinary democracies and societies, which will grow and nurture by our trust and continuous engagement along with deep values that we share with India.

Submitted by Kaustav Padmpati


President Obama - A messenger of "money" plant......!!

Submitted by Umang P Gangar


POTUS planting the PeoPal tree.

Submitted by Nitin Bathla


The planting of a sapling by the President symbolizes a fresh beginning and adds impetus to Indo US relations which are on the upswing. It is indicative of the common desire to nurture universal values by the likeminded for a better world. The oldest and the largest democracies have joined hands to create a world of promise, new opportunities, stability and prosperity. International commitments and obligations to uphold human values, concept of freedom, secularism and rule of law have never been more important than today. The signs of trust and confidence to walk together and face the challenges of a new world order are evident. The citizens of the free world look up to these two countries for inspiration and they cannot be failed. Just as the sapling of friendship takes root and reaches for the sky, Indo American relations are poised for a lovely trajectory for peace and stability.

Submitted by Seshadri Vasan


A Tree Called Bo: President Barack Obama plants a Bodhi tree (that symbolises knowledge in Indian culture) at Gandhiji's memorial in Rajghat during his recent visit to Delhi. Planting a sapling was not just a way for the President, who was a honoured state guest, to show respect for India's Father of the Nation, but also symbolises an universal concern for the environment. But not just symbolic, volunteering to plant trees has become an important social and community activity in India and around the world. Followers of Gandhiji even have the ritual of planting a sapling as part of their wedding rituals.

Submitted by Ishani Duttagupta



Submitted by R.Kabali


Plant grows fast like ind-american bonds.

Submitted by Devesh Kishore


"No Matter who i am or who you are

One should prospect a Life

In times

For those, who give you a life." 

Submitted by Tushar Gajwani


This sapling will give oxygen to the future of Indo US relations.

Submitted by Madhu Mohanan


"This sampling will stand strong against all the hiccups in the geopolitics. As this sampling will grow the Indo-US relationship will also grow. Mr. Obama planting this sampling also symbolizes the value that we give to our nature.

Long live Indo-US partnership"

Submitted by Manoj Kumar Panigrahi


President Barack Obama planting a sapling of Friendship and Love at Rajghat which would bear the fruits of Peace,Cooperation ,Collaboration and Trust between the people of Vibrant Democracies of America and India.

Submitted by Pragya Paliwal Gaur


Rooting the Ties. Nurturing the Growth. Reaping Humanity.

Submitted by Tharini Prabakaran


"Shadow For our Future !

Redefining leadership !

Powerful man doing powerful work !

Hands together for our world's environment !

Always Plants are height !"

Submitted by C.K.Vibilan


"The tree of life grows out of sour earth. And it's strong because its hard struggle to live is making it strong. The children of Indo-US friendship will be strong that way."

Submitted by Ampat Varghese Varghese



Submitted by Milan Chanda


President planting to endorse environment.

Submitted by Dr. Om Parkash Sharma


Planting the faith.

Submitted by Brajesh Kr Sharma


a tree (relationship) planted for promising future growth.

Submitted by Bala Manikandan M



Submitted by Debajyoti Som


Greening the Globe: Super powers' true call for all people, to respect and maintain the universal power, in offering solutions for the global environmental crisis.

Submitted by Rajakumar Guduru


Save the trees, save the Earth. We are the guardians of nature’s birth.

Submitted by K. Jain


"Plant a plant or seed a idea ... that will branch out to be a

umbrella to benefit many generations to come"

Submitted by Rajamanickam Muthu Kumar


"By Choosing a Bodhi tree to plant in sand,

you touched the ages with your supporting hand,

you planted a lasting friendship bond,

and a tree of knowledge that is worshiped,

will produce flowers and fruits abound,

One day the tree by its nature will be Grand,

and will host many creatures and birds,

who will be happy to sing and show the land,

of a visit of a person from far seas, a friend,

Mr Obama, a Bodhi friend from end to no end;"

Submitted by Arvind Gupta


"The greatest gift of life is friendship. The hearts of two leaders attracted like north and south pole. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

Submitted by P V Ramana Rao


Here's my small contribution to the greening of India': US President Obama plants a sapling at the Gandhi memorial in Delhi. Submitted by Tirthankar Ghosh

"A great relationship matures like a strong, healthy and flourishing tree." Submitted by Harpreet P


Lets get down to the basics pal. Some solid digging to build foundation, some excellent manure of good intentions, some water to tone down differences, sunshine of warmth and mutual understanding, and lo and behold, our plant of collaboration and friendship grows into a solid tree to provide shade and sustenance to millions around the world. Submitted by Barnali Roy


"Obama: ""Gardening is my hobby.""

Modi: ""So lets do it here, then."""

Submitted by Dheeraj Kakarla


Behold the two largest democracies of our planet joining hands to plant a symbolic "Peepal" tree... to uphold the principles Of the People, By the People, For the People.

Submitted by Rashmi Haritwal


Human life is unpredictable, it has no roots. Let's plant rooted green to make unpredictable predictable.

Submitted by Ngaranmi Marei


“Tree of Friendship- Together today for a better tomorrow”

Submitted by Vijayant Vashishtha


Together we will grow our business Evergreen today tomorrow and forever.

Submitted by Deepak gurunath


Here I plant a symbol of peace and friendship between our two largest democracies on this planet. It is for the youth of this country to nurture it to the true values of apostle of peace this great country is proud to follow and spread the message to entire world.

Submitted by Som Nath Sapru


lets GoGreen for the future of INDOUS relationship. Submitted by Sulochana


Living sustainably, planting the foundation of mutual trust, tolerance and meaningful coexistence. Caring for not just the environment but for the future generation as well. A better world to live in where terror and terrorising is wiped away with the fragrance of brotherhood irrespective of cast,creed, religion or ideology. Creating a new order of responsibility and world peace.

Submitted by Manzoor Abid Ali



Submitted by Raghav Sodhi


lets make our relationship grow like a tree of shelter and Fruits of benefits.

Submitted by Seema


GO GREEN evergreen INDOUS relationship like a big tree of healthy environment to improve business with huge Fruits and benefits. Submitted by Deepak G


Together we will make our world Green and improve business relationship forever. Submitted by Anupama Kodial


"I grow Green,You grow Green,We All Love Being GREEN." Submitted by Ashok Kumar Gupta

"~~We have a dream and it is Green [All The Way]~~

~~We have a dream and it is Green [All The Way]~~

~~We have a dream and it is Green [All The Way]~~

~~We have a dream and it is Green [All The Way]~~"

Submitted by Viniya Garg


May this planting of the sacred "Peepal" promote peace and prosperity amongst the "People" of the world! 

Submitted by Jyoti Arora



Submitted by Mukesh Kumar



Submitted by Ravindar Khanna


Fostering For a Big Growth.

Submitted by N Ramadurai


Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people”. A plant seeks not only for itself, but also gives back in return - It sustains life, brings rain, holds soil together, and are the 'lungs of the planet'. Indo-US relations epitomize this symbiotic association. Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are together hailed as icons and pioneers of non-violent movement against segregation and oppression. Similarly, these ‘natural partners’, as President Obama puts it, are the beacons of the values which modern society celebrates. Equality of opportunity, gender parity, sensitivity towards climate change, promotion of clean energy, and advancement of trade and advancement. A plant too, symbolizes these values – It does not discriminate in giving shade, it slows down climate change, and purifies the air. 

Submitted by Vivek Bhattacharyya


A sapling of Indo-US relations, destined for hallmark growth over the coming decades.

Submitted by Rakesh Tripathi


May this 'tree of knowledge' take roots, reach for the sky and spread it's branches in solidarity between the two largest democracies! That's Barack Obama President of the USA planting a Bodhi (peepal) Ficus religiosa sapling at Raj Ghat - the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi on 25 January 2015.

Submitted by Fabiola Jacob


Let us sow the seed for peace, prosperity and well being of humanity. Together, we are possibility.

Submitted by Ishwar Chandra Awasthi


Planting together - a better future.

Submitted by Rashmi Uday Kumar


Planting And Nurturing India-America Relationship.

Submitted by Prahalad Rajagopalan


"Obliviating Ghosts of Past,

Guarding the Present watchfully


Planting strong ties for the Future"

Submitted by Sonali Malhotra



Submitted by Kushal Dutta


See that proper water to be given daily to this plant.

Submitted by Shishir Desai


Obama - Planting Stronger Ties.

Submitted by Sujoy Das


Planting and Nurturing India-America Relationship.

Submitted by Prahalad Rajagopalan