Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served

By Lenore T. Adkins June 2023

State dinners have several elements, including a VIP guest list, delicious cuisine and high fashion. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look.

How Do Major Political Parties Split Control of Congress?

How Do Major Political Parties…

By ShareAmerica January 2023

It's not unusual for the major political parties to split control of Congress or of Congress and the White House. In fact, voters like it!

A Lot of History Happened on July 4

A Lot of History Happened…

By Emily Louise Bowman July 2022

On July 4, 1776, America's Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Do you know about other events in U.S. history that fell on the Fourth?

What Memorial Day Means to Americans

What Memorial Day Means to…

By ShareAmerica May 2022

Memorial Day is a day when Americans reflect on the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in military service.

The Rights Museum

The Rights Museum

By Burton Bollag September 2019

The National Civil Rights Museum in Tennessee presents key episodes of the American Civil Rights Movement and examines today’s global human rights issues.

Juneteenth: A Day to Celebrate Black Communities’ Strength

Juneteenth: A Day to Celebrate…

By Lauren Monsen June 2021

Juneteenth every year commemorates contributions and resilience of the United States' Black Americans.

Bringing the Past to Life

Bringing the Past to Life

By Sadie Goering September 2019

Living history museums offer an interactive way to learn about the past and bring history to life.

How U.S. Copyright Law Frees Art for the Future

How U.S. Copyright Law Frees…

By ShareAmerica March 2022

Films, poems, songs and stories from 1926 are free for all to enjoy. Learn how U.S. copyright law protects creators and promotes creativity.

What Makes a National Historic Landmark?

What Makes a National Historic…

By Noelani Kirschner March 2022

Culturally and historically significant locations are eligible for federal funding as National Historic Landmark sites. Learn more about the designation.

How Black History Month Came to Be

How Black History Month Came…

By ShareAmerica February 2022

What is now known as Black History Month was initiatedd in 1926 by Black historian Carter G. Woodson. Learn more about this observance.

The Indian Pilgrimage of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Indian Pilgrimage of Martin…

By Laurinda Keys Long Retrospective Edition, January 2022

Only 12 years after Indians won their freedom with nonviolent protests, noncooperation and boycott, African Americans were using the same tactics to overturn unjust laws.

In the Footsteps of Dr. King

In the Footsteps of Dr.…

By Kimberly Gyatso November 2016

Honor history and equality with a trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.