Recognizing Disinformation

Disinformation circulates in a variety of ways online and is often difficult to detect. Watch to find out more about the history of disinformation, its effects, and tips to spot it in your own newsfeed.

By ShareAmerica

May 2023

Recognizing Disinformation

Disinformation. Though its sudden appearance on your newsfeed may seem like it’s a new phenomenon, it’s actually been used to influence people for centuries!

What separates today from disinformation tactics of the past is the speed and volume of information that travels. Amplified by social media, disinformation can spread misleading data, false claims and outright lies. These tactics can reduce public trust and endanger democracy.

While the most outrageous headlines may be entertaining and easy to spot, it’s often the most convincing stories that are the most deceptive and spread the furthest.

But recognizing disinformation is not always as straightforward as you think. The more realistic the story seems, the quicker false information can spread.

The first step in stopping the spread of disinformation is recognizing it and its real impacts. Disinformation circulates in a variety of forms, but there are ways to spot it.

Here are five tips to analyze and validate news and information.

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